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They Can Run How Fast?!

We knew that cheetahs could really move, but it wasn’t until we played Animal Trivia online that we realized they could run-up to a staggering 75 miles per hour. That’s how fast tourists drive on the autobahn! This head-scratcher of a trivia game is everything you want in a brain teaser. It’s got really fascinating questions about tons of different species, and even better, each question comes with its own picture. You’ve got twenty questions to do the best you can. Don’t worry if you don’t score very well the first time – we got a lowly 6 out of 20! With each question, though, we learned something new, and that’s what’s important. Besides having fun of course, which we certainly did also.

Animal Trivia Is Great for Two Reasons

We quickly gravitated towards this trivia game because, first of all, it actually tells you the right answer if you’re wrong. Secondly, whether you’re wrong or right, it tells you why you are wrong or right. In other words, each correct answer is explained. It feels like you’re learning three or four things at once, because you are! Everyone can just memorize facts and spit them out like robots, but this question and answer game teaches you how to connect and analyze information by explaining the answers. That’s why we love it, and that’s why we replayed it an embarrassing number of times until we aced it.

Take Five, Brain, then Meet Us Here

Once you’ve become an undisputed Animal Trivia challenge genius, then give your brain a well-earned break. It takes energy to learn new things, after all, so we don’t blame you. Don’t let it rest for too long, though, because we have a collection of quiz games just waiting for you to take a crack at them! And we’re talking way, way more topics than just animals. Heck, in a few of these games, you could be talking about animals one second, people the next, and geography the next! You never know what’s going to happen out there, but we do know that if you master Animal Trivia first, you can take on the quiz category with a little extra ammunition.