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This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Word Search!

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with busting out the old word search book and pencil, but with this online Amazing Word Search game, you get access to a massive library of completely unblocked word search games without all the paper! Plus, the words can be pretty darn tricky – just yesterday, we had to find “interred” and “peonages.” That’s the best part about this game: when you win, you really feel like you accomplished something. Because you did, smarty!

Amazing Word Search Takes It to the Next Level

This free online game is all about fun features that enhance your experience. For example, you have a bank of hints to start off with (and trust us, you’ll use them). You can accumulate bonus points by finding unlisted words, and the timer adds a fun but stressful element to the gameplay. Take that, pencil and paper! Ready for some Amazing Word Search action, brainiac?