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Click or Die in Adam and Eve Zombies!

Something doesn’t look right with these kitties in Adam and Eve zombies. Somehow, the poor furballs have become blood-thirsty zombies, and they’re after our hairy hero! All Adam wants to do in these games is find the love of his life, Eve, but it seems like there are always tons of obstacles in his way. In this installment, it’s a horde of murderous kittens trying to get you! To make it through each area, you will have to quickly click your way out of trouble. Use your environment to sneak around those kitties by opening new pathways and finding creative ways out. When in doubt, click it!

Will You Ever Find Her?

Adam and Eve were destined to be together. It’s all our humble little caveman wanted, but boy, was she a hard one to track down. So hard, in fact, that there are upwards of a dozen version of this game floating around, and we love each one! If you want to stay updated on Adam’s quest for true love, visit our Adam and Eve games category today. That is, if you can make your way past these zombie kitties in Adam and Eve Zombies!