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Paint as You Play in Abstract Golf!

From the minimalistic level design to the awesome paint trail mechanic, Abstract Golf unblocked is a totally revamped experience. Even experienced golfers will need to adjust a bit for this online game, where the ball turns every pixel it touches blue! The levels may be small, but the angles are tricky, so make sure you master how the ball bounces in this game. Ah, and one last thing – you have to get a hole in one every time!

Whoa, This Is Tougher Than We Thought

The first few levels you play are very “chill” in that you just get to enjoy the clean design and brilliant blue streak of paint while you easily sink shots. After just a few holes, however, you’ll see that this free game is not messing around. Around level 4 or 5, you’ll start seeing hazards, twisty corners and all kinds of other obstacles to bank around. That’s why we love Abstract Golf – it’s beautiful and challenging!