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In online airplane games, anyone can become a pilot! No matter if it's paper planes, army airplanes, or just regular passenger planes, we have got all the best airplane games for kids and adults. Choose a game to play and get ready to soar through the sky, pilot!

What are airplane games?

In this collection, you will find all games that feature airplanes. Just like in real life, the purpose of airplanes is to fly, although it will definitely be easier to steer it online. Get behind the wheel and guide an airplane through clouds, avoid obstacles and collect passengers. In some of these airplane games, you will even be able to do awesome tricks and earn points for completing them. Make a full 360-degree spin, fly in loops, or do a deep dive down before shooting back up again! If you love being a pilot, check out our free-flying games, where you can fly a helicopter or even imagine yourself as a bird!

Airplane shooting games

Not all airplane games are just about careless flying and sometimes you will have to fight other aircraft for survival. In this collection, you will find army and war-themed airplane games, where your goal is to not only steer the plane but also protect your team. When all the battles in the sky are won, fly to galaxies far away in our cool spaceship games. You can also try games with helicopters for some more flying fun!