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From pink ball gowns to shiny tiaras, here you will find the girliest online games there are! Master your skills in hairstyling or create awesome makeovers on your favorite princesses. Sweet, sparkly and cute - these are girl games for kids!

What are girls games?

There are no specific guidelines for what makes a game be a "girl" game - we have simply put together all games that most girls might enjoy. We are talking about dressing up, makeup and princesses! Of course, anyone can play these games and have fun. All of the games in this category have simple game controls, easy gameplay and cute game design, which also makes them perfect for kids. Simply select a game and dive into the world of cute outfits and girl game characters! For more games with castles and tiaras, we have a whole collection of princess games.

Girl fashion games

As previously mentioned, many games in this category are online makeover games. In these types of games, the player must help a girl prepare for a ball, first date or even wedding! Style the girl's hair, do her nails and pick out a beautiful gown and accessories to finish the style! Practice doing hairstyles in our free hair salon games and become a personal stylist with our category dedicated to dress-up games.

Cooking games for girls

Of course, it's not just dresses and shoes! If you want to discover some new recipes and make pretty cakes, we have lots of fun cooking games that you can enjoy. Besides cakes and cookies, you can also try your hand at being a business owner and running a whole restaurant by yourself. Bake pizzas or assemble burgers until the day's end! If neither fashion nor cooking is your interest, maybe cats and dogs in our games with animals will bring you joy!