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Cute little paws, gorgeous fur coats and curious personalities - who doesn't love cats?! In these awesome games with cats, you can try being the owner of a pet cat, join their inquisitive adventures or play awesome puzzles with cats for kids!

What are online cats games?

In this collection, you will find games with cat characters and a cat theme! Some games will feature sweet purring pets, in some, you will be able to play as a feisty feline and get your claws into some adventures! Besides fun adventure games, you can also find some really cool cat-themed puzzles, that will be fun both for kids and adults. If you liked this selection of cat games, you might also enjoy other free animal games on our website!

Pet cat games

Besides tigers and lions, most cats are best known as loving and sweet pets. These online games are no different - you can own a pet cat and see how it is to nurture one. Adopt a kitten and give him food, water and affection, or play veterinary cats games and heal injuries on cute little kitties. For more caretaking gameplay, check out our collection of pet games. We also have lots of cool dog games with similar gameplay!