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Play the best dinosaur games for free!

Travel back in time and discover dinosaurs in these awesome dinosaur games! They are roaring for adventure, are you ready for some dinosaur fun?

What are online dinosaur games?

In this collection, you will find all games that have dinosaurs in them. See the life of the pre-historic dinosaurs through cool online games! In most dinosaur games, you will be able to control a dinosaur character and fight enemies, although we also have some dinosaur puzzle games and cute dino games for kids. If you like lots of fighting and running, check out all of our free action games. however, if you want some more gameplay with animal characters, we have lots of fun animal games for you to enjoy.

T-rex dinosaur games

If you know the types of dinosaurs, you will notice that most dinosaur games feature T-Rex dinosaurs. They are famous for their huge heads and small arms! In these games, you can imagine yourself as a T-Rex, run around and be a hunter, a fighter, or just an adventure seeker. If you like all sorts of dinosaurs, we can also recommend our collection of cool dragon games, which are basically flying dinosaur games!