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There are some games that simply everyone knows and has played at least once, and checkers is one of them! Enjoy the beloved checkers' gameplay on your PC or mobile and play against AI or your friends!

What are checkers games?

Checkers are one of many classic board games online. The game checkers have been around for centuries and now it is easier to play than ever! Simply click on a game online and enjoy unlimited playtime. The basic rules of checkers are simple. There is a checkered board with round game pieces, and each player has 24 of them. The pieces are laid out on the board and players take turns moving the pieces square by square diagonally. The goal is to eliminate all of the opponents' game pieces by leaping over them. If you want to play a similar game, we recommend our collection of chess games, which is also a board game played on a checkered game board!

Two player checkers games

You can always play against AI, which stands for artificial intelligence. However, if you don't want to only play against the computer, most checkers' online games allow you to play in multiplayer! That means you can play together with someone using the same device - simply take turns when making moves. For some more local multiplayer games, see our collection of free two-player games.